Christmas Day 2015

Shelby Christmas 2015
Opening of the Christmas Box
Shelby Gifts 12-25-2015
Getting help with the opening of the Christmas Box
Shelby New Coat 12-25-2015
Showing off the new winter coat while noming on treats.
To Grandmas 12-25-15
Headed to Grandma’s house.
To Grandmas 12-25-2015
Shelby has her own bed in my Jeep to lay on while traveling.
Shelby 12-25-15
Finally made it to Grandma’s house!
Christmas Dinner Table 2015
Shelby 12-25-2015
Opening a Christmas Gift
Still trying to open a Christmas Gift
Buddy 12-25-2015
Buddy and his new toy “flea”.
Ruby 12-25-2015
Tired Shelby
Sleepy Shelby 12-25-2015
Nap time!
Christmas 2015
Peaceful Christmas Tree